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Last January, Fossil Free Yale first presented to the Yale University Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility (ACIR) at their annual open meeting. Since then, FFY has been in continuous contact with the administration, and has been working together to formulate a path to responsible energy investing consistent with Yale’s ethical guidelines.

In the past few weeks, the Yale Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility has begun considering the following proposal, first submitted last Spring, that asks companies to report relevant ESG metrics.  The committee has asked select members of the Yale faculty to review the metrics described in this proposal. Other metrics are also under consideration.

It is our hope that this report may be useful to other students and investors thinking about how to address the social harm caused by climate change. This excerpt is from our longer report, which explains the logic that led us to the following proposal.

This proposal regarding fossil fuel investments is written within the framework of The Ethical Investor, the guidebook for Yale’s responsible investment policies. The Ethical Investor requires that all options to redress the “social injury” be exhausted before divestment.  The logic behind the Ethical Investor and how it applies to energy firms is detailed in the full version of the Fossil Free Yale report.

Here the proposal from Fossil Free Yale.

FFY Proposal

Here is the comprehensive Fossil Free Yale “Report on Responsible Energy Investing:”  Please read through this report before contacting the authors with questions.

A Report on Responsible Energy Investing

For questions, please contact FossilFreeYale@gmail.com, or the authors of the full report (first.last@yale.edu).

The Ethical Investor can be found here: http://acir.yale.edu/pdf/EthicalInvestor.pdf

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