181 Letters Delivered to Woodbridge Hall

On Monday October 6th, the start of Celebrate Sustainability week at Yale, members of Fossil Free Yale stood outside of Woodbridge Hall with letters to deliver to President Peter Salovey. One at a time, each student brought a single letter to Salovey’s secretary, then walked out. The students repeated this for two hours, delivering 181 personally signed letters. In addition, FFY collected 57 signatures from an electronic version. The letters demanded the Yale administration divest its endowment from fossil fuel companies. The full letter is available at https://fossilfreeyale.org

On August 27th President Salovey announced that the Corporate Committee on Investor Responsibility (CCIR) voted against divestment. Fossil Free Yale maintains its stance that it is the administration’s moral imperative to divest from an industry that is disproportionately wrecking the climate and causing irrevocable damages to frontline communities. After being refused a meeting with the CCIR regarding divestment, despite 83% of students voting in support of divestment in a Yale College Council referendum last fall, Fossil Free Yale feels the administration has ignored the students’ voices. Fossil Free Yale demands the administration make a change and engage more with student voices and become a leader on climate justice, not just campus sustainability. The group has been focusing on outreach and momentum building the past few weeks, with Monday’s letter deliveries as one of the first actions this semester. If you are interested in getting involved contact fossilfreeyale@gmail.com.


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