October Updates

A Moment in Transition

Momentum is building in the fossil fuel divestment movement throughout the world.  Congratulations to King’s College not only on divestment but on reinvestment in clean energy, to Fossil Free Otago Uni and the University System of Maryland on full divestment from fossil fuels!  We’re looking to Northeastern University whose divestment campaign staged a “Camping for Climate Justice,” a 12 day occupation on their Centennial Common this month.  We’re looking to Harvard, whose Corporation declared this week that it will start to “move away” from coal investments. And of course, Yale, we’re looking to you.  The divestment movement is winning.

Corporation transparency initiative

On September 14th, the Yale Daily News published “Corporation To Deliberate Transparency”  a front-page story announcing a new transparency initiative by the Yale Corporation.  According to the article, in response to demonstrations of frustration with the inaccessibility of the Corporation by FFY and other student groups, the Corporation will consider a “comprehensive plan on increased transparency and accessibility.” The plan includes increased opportunity for students to interact with Corporation members, investigations into how governing bodies function at like institutions, and more communication with the faculty.  Stay tuned for Fossil Free Yale actions that aim to hold the corporation accountable to these vague initiatives and demand specific changes in engagement.

Letter to the Corporation

A coalition of student groups is following up the Corporation’s potential transparency initiative by drafting a letter with what we want to see change.  The way the Yale Corporation operates is incredibly important to many student groups for many different reasons.  Prison Divest, Students Unite Now (SUN), Yale Student Environmental Coalition (YSEC), and FFY have worked together to co-write and co-sign a letter that we will deliver i.


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