“I am an alumna of Yale (1970) and am writing to encourage you to divest of all fossil fuels. Yale has an opportunity to be a nationwide leader in a movement that is not only right, but inevitable, if we are to preserve and protect the Earth as we know it. I devoutly hope that you will step up and do what our times call us to do.” Eleanor Lincoln Morse ‘70

“I would hope for, and expect, Yale to leverage its reputation and reach in a way that will inspire action by others in the investment community.  A clear, long term plan for cutting back on FF investment is consistent with Yale’s aim to connect values with concerted action.” Judy Samuelson, Class of ’82

“I am an alum of Yale (2008) and I am writing to express my support for the divestment of all fossil fuels from the Yale endowment.  As an ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church, I believe there is a moral imperative to divest from fossil fuel corporations.  Yale has an obligation to ensure that it is not investing in technologies that undermine human life.  A fossil free existence is coming.  Now is the time to divest.” The Rev. Daniel MacDonald, M.Div. 2008Alumni DivestmentAlumni play a core role in influencing the Yale administration and adding to the momentum of the cause! Take a photo of yourself holding the above image and send it to us with a statement of support.

To support us further,  sign our letter to President Salovey and the Yale Corporation, and then  take a moment to send our letter to 10 other alumni and let them know why their support is important. For updates on our work, sign up for our panlist by emailing, or like us on Facebook at Or, to support our campaign financially, visit our donation page here.  In addition, we are building an active alumni coalition to work with us in this fight. With questions, or for more information about getting involved, email our alumni coordinator Kate Anstreicher at .