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Fossil Free Yale: One Year On

FOSSIL FREE YALE celebrates the conclusion of a highly successful first year. While much progress is yet to come, much has already been made. Here is a brief recapitulation of some of the accomplishments of Fossil Free Yale in its first year:


  • Fossil Free Yale is working toward a vote of approval on divestment from the Yale ACIR, from which point the ultimate decision would lie with the CCIR (Corporate Committee on Investor Responsibility).

  • We have authored a comprehensive report on fossil fuel divestment that numbers over 80 pages and contains new research related to the various pathways to divestment.


  • We have established and are continuing to build a strong network, utilizing the synergy of allied undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, alumni and as many different levels of the Yale community as possible.

  • We obtained petition signatures from over 1000 members of the Yale community: undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, faculty and staff.

  • We are on are way toward having our student government, the Yale College Council, conduct a referendum on undergraduate support of this issue.


  • We created and maintained an extensive online presence

    • our website,

    • a facebook page (almost 500 likes) that keeps our supporters up-to-date

    • a twitter account that kept us connected to our fellow campaigns

  • We have received extensive and widely favorable coverage in the media, both within Yale and externally


Onward and upward!

The Kickoff Meeting

FOSSIL FREE YALE is kicking off the campaign to get Yale to divest from the fossil fuels exacerbating the climate crisis. Climate change is the biggest crisis of our time, and, therefore, our kickoff will be the biggest event of your weekend. Join us Saturday, February 2nd, in 211 Linsley-Chittenden (LC) at 4pm, for a beginning that will go down in Yale history. Speakers will include diverse student organizers from across Yale. Also, we will be hearing from some celebrities via video:

  • Bill McKibben, renowned activist, founder of the climate coalition, and a leader of the national FOSSIL FREE campaign that has inspired hundreds of US colleges to action
  • Kumi Naidoo, International Executive Director of Greenpeace
  • Naomi Klein, Canadian author and activist
  • Josh Fox, American film director, best known for “Gasland”
  • Desmond Tutu, retired bishop, anti-Apartheid campaigner, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Link to facebook event.